Miracle of Giving Life Package


Though your Miracle of Giving Life package will be customized to your specific needs based on the type of challenges being experienced, below is a general list of services you will be receiving. A gentle reminder: because I believe in the power of building and connecting communities together, in conjunction to my own personal healing skills and gifts applied for you, I will be also using other specialized healers for specific services in order to insure the quality of certain sessions/products rendered to you. 

Miracle of Giving Life Package Contents                   

With this Divinely charged package, you will receive: 

  • Initial Consultation

  • 4 X 30minute Follow-Up Consultation

  • 4X Custom Pranic Healing Session

  • 2X Guided Herbal Tea Ceremony specific to reproductive system/conceiving

  • Energetic Forgiveness Meditation

  • Energetic Emotional and Physical Massage 

  • Quantum Meditation

  • Raising vibration

  • Sound Therapy

  • Custom Self-Care Session

  • 2 X 45 minute Results Coaching Session

  • Custom Energetic Oil/Acrylic Art (additional cost)