Chronic Insomnia Shift Package

I feel so blessed to have Fiona! When I get into my insomnia cycle, she gets me right out of it.
— Quinne T.

PACKage contents

Using different practices such as: Pranic Healing, Quantum Mechanics, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, Psychotherapy, Medicinal Aromatherapy, Homeopathic medicine, and hypnotherapy, I am able to unblock, shift, and balance energetic systems influencing your blood circulation, hormones, and the ability to sleep properly. 

Though the package for Chronic Insomnia Shift will be customized in accordance to your specific needs, below is a general list of services you will be receiving. Because I believe in the power of building and connecting communities together, in conjunction to my own personal healing skills and gifts applied for you, I will be also using other specialized healers for specific services in order to insure the quality of certain sessions/products rendered to you. 

The package is designed for individuals experiencing sleeplessness, anxiety, irritability, depression, and health issues due to insomnia. 

With this Divinely charged package, you will receive: 

  • Initial Consultation

  • Custom Pranic Healing Session

  • Quantum Meditation 

  • Energetic Mental and Emotional Release Massage

  • Raising vibration

  • Quantum Energetic Clearing and Unblocking

  • Sleep Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy

  • Custom Sacred Guided Herbal Tea Ceremony/Session

  • Custom Self-Care Session

  • 2 X 30minute Follow-Up Consultation

  • 1 X 45 minute Results Coaching Session

  • Custom Energetic Oil/Acrylic Art for an additional cost