What is Past Life Regression?


A Past Life Regression experience is a recalling,  while you are in a trance state, of another time. In the story of the other time, you play the starring role!

The subconscious mind tells a story and once we understand the decisions that were made in that story, and how those decisions affect us today, we can make new decisions from that moment that will change our thoughts, behaviors, and actions today.

As a therapy, PLR has proven to create healing of relationships, physical ailments, understanding behaviors and phobias, to name a few. This work helps you to know, love and accept yourself at the deepest level. For many of us that is a miracle!

So, do you wonder who you were and how it’s affecting you today? Are you mysteriously drawn to a person, place or event from past history? Would you like to feel more comfortable with yourself? If the answer is yes to any of these questions you may find your answers in a Past Life Regression. Fiona is book until February, but reach out today to make an appointment for Past Life Regression.