Fear of Flying for the Holidays? You Are Not Alone


“Fiona I just wanted to tell you that I had the best flight there and back! I was slightly apprehensive when I first got on the plane, but something just clicked and I felt really calm. Thank you very much!” Lily 

Many people with a fear of flying say it affects their daily life, making holidays and travel abroad for business a nightmarish experience. A fear of flying can affect all ages and genders and is often a phobia resulting from past experience – from fear that is present somewhere in the unconscious mind. Logical arguments will not work to alleviate these fears, since it’s not the logical mind that is creating them. It’s an unconscious reaction, and that reaction needs to be changed from the inside. The symptoms of a flying phobia are sweating, panic attacks, palpitations, irrational thoughts and more, and these can be triggered by any number of activities before, during or after the flight itself.

Many people use hypnotherapy to conquer fear of flying because it’s a gentle, effective and drug free way to be free from anxiety and enjoy flying once more. Hypnotherapy can alleviate your phobia quickly and comfortably. 

Fiona is an expert in helping clients overcome this fear and says it is more common than we may think. So many people miss out on their lives and opportunities by allowing this fear to continue without addressing. She suggests that all people who find their life limited by these fears to explore hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is very well placed to help with deep rooted phobias such as these and many more. It's a quick and easy solution to more opportunities. 

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