Hypnosis: Unlocking the Mind


During hypnosis, a clinical therapist uses keywords that deconstruct damaging self-beliefs and false notions of the self. 

These ideas are replaced with new auspicious patterns that would determine the patient's future evolution. Hypnosis can be used as a tool for healing past trauma, integrating pain, bringing to the conscious mind repressed memories, changing one's destructive behavior, managing uncontrollable emotions, dealing with addictions, depression, anxiety and loss.

Additionally, hypnosis can help you reach your highest inner potential and bring forth the innate power that you carry within and unlock use of a strong mind. 

There is a connection between the use of hypnosis and a strong mind. This is strong in the sense of the health of the mind but also the abilities of the mind. For centuries, people have used the powers of hypnosis as a method of healing and a way of improving the strength of the mind. While there are some skeptics out there the fact is, scientists only know the function of about 10% of the human brain, and have little knowledge about how the rest of the brain works. It is possible that through hypnosis, other parts of the brain may be activated and strengthened and therefore the abilities which come through the brain can also be improved

Once hypnosis sessions have helped improved the clarity of dreams they will also help with intuition during the day. They will help open your mind to being aware of the intuitive abilities that you possess so that you can be the best clairvoyant you can be. The hypnosis process puts your mind into a deeper state of awareness that will then begin to unlock the intuitive powers within and help your mid be able to use these powers during the day and consistently.

In a hypnotherapy session with Fiona:

  • Fiona can help you train your mind and focus your attention on perceiving reality through methods that go further than your known five senses.

  • Hypnosis can boost your confidence and unleash your internal potential.

  • It can connect you within by dissolving self-imposed limitations.

  • It can help you program your mind in such a way that your mental space begins to work for you and not against you. 

Many of Fiona’s clients have reported that their use of the brain does change and not only are the original issues that were needed to address were resolved, clarity and a stronger mind were also benefits of her treatment.