Founded by award-winning celebrity psychic medium, clinical hypnotherapist, and holistic healer, Persian Medium, Fiona in 2018, Avid Awakening is your cosmic doorway to a new life.


Invest in the extra step to break free from the tendencies, habits, and thought patterns that limit you in life with an Avid Awakening session. Fiona’s expertise has helped thousands of clients connect with loved ones and discover missing truths as well as local law enforcement agencies to find missing people all over the world. Avid Awakening provides tools for transformation to help empower you to face life's challenges and live mindfully in accordance with your truest self.


Avid Awakening Client Testimmonials

Fiona’s clientele range from celebrities, CEOs, high ranking executives, surgeons, international diplomats, dignitaries, and more. Her aim is to help everyone, no matter their level of success, to continue to thrive in all areas of life.


Jennifer g.,los angeles

When I started seeing Fiona in 2016, I was “successful” in any sense of the word. From the outside, I had a lucrative acting career and a lovely family. However, if anyone looked deeper, my marriage was suffering and on the verge of a divorce. I was fearing breaking my family apart. The roles that were once abundant seemed to be fading away. My confidence was draining and I was at a loss.

Fast forward to today, Fiona has turned my entire life around, starting with ME. My confidence has been restored and I have uncovered strengths and skills I did not know I had. Best of all, my marriage is healthier than it has ever been. She helped me channel the most important parts of my subconcious to help identify blocks and then helped me heal from them. I am happier than I have ever been. Thank you, Fiona!

Bahar A., Laguna Hills

Very very powerful hypnosis skills. Here is my story. I found Fiona through FB and connected there to receive my first reading. She offered me unbelievable insight and clarity in my darkest hour. I am thankful for what was that life changing connection. Soon after. I continued to work with her and began inquiring about her hypnosis work. What I needed was very serious movement in my career which was on the decline for reasons beyond my control. Fiona made incredible change happen for me. I got the job of a lifetime and two months in my success is still growing. Fiona is a strong motivator but she is more powerful than she may get credit for. I have so much trust in her and believe in her. She has brought me incredible success and there is still no stopping.



Maritzia P., Orange County

This is my first testimonial but likely not my last for this truly magical and inspirational woman. I am an attorney whose life had been in a downward turn for a year. I am unsure of where it began, but it seemed like my success in many areas was failing. I am a believer in quantum physics and its connection to energy manipulation and found Persian Medium on Instagram two months ago. If this message reaches anyone, I hope it reaches those that believe in the shifting of energy with mind power and using hypnosis to quicken this when we are limiting ourselves. Persian Medium is a master in this area and used her gifts and connection to quantum physics to open my channels and dissolve my blockages. All the areas I was failing...turned around while she worked with me. It was a week by week basis but she made clients come back, helped me win cases, and my practice has regained notoriety in a recent high profile case. I am flying out to see her soon for this work. There is no one like her.


“Persian Medium has been one of the most gifted Reiki Masters I have come across. The high stress - almost toxic - and anxiety from a very high-intensity job can take a toll, and I found many parts of my life beginning to crumble. Even my own excitement for life was fading to a point where I felt numb. In my darkest hour I sought out Fiona who was so compassionate and humble with her kindness and help. I am in endless gratitude to her. God Bless you!”

My story is going to seem unimaginable, but every word I share here is true. Fiona has changed my life in the most miraculous way possible. I had heard her name over and over and my god I was skeptical, but I was in love with someone who had completely detached from me and I was desperate. She began doing work for me, a combination of hypnosis and spell work and it took about 5 weeks when there were glimmers of change... It was brief run ins and then a text, and then connecting on Instagram, and then he asked me to hang out with him about 9 weeks later. He was a completely different person. He said he was dreaming about me ... i must have died at that moment. Fiona you are everything you say you are!!!!! We have been together ever since. You brought this love in my life and made it real.
— Amaya T., Chicago

Ziya r., beverly hills

No one has been able to help me achieve quite the level of success, peace, and stability in my life as Fiona, the Persian Medium. She has really used a sophisticated blend of skill, love, and magic to connect the gaps I’ve had in areas of my life on my path to happiness. We started with her psychic readings, but have delved into so much more. I am so grateful for her Avid Awakening practice. Stepping inside through the doors is like a tranquill spell. And when she conducts her hypnosis, I often find myself waking with tears soaking my face. I have uncovered my own gifts through these processes with her, but I will always continue to work with her. Her gifts are unmatched and spectacular. What she does for her clients is unbelievable, and whatever I have put in, I get back tenfold.

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